The Door of Hope

Prologue: One of my favorite Nasheed. Nasheed is about a man who in distress is turned away from the ‘doors’ of people and comes to ‘door of hope’ (to Allah in other words). It has a meaning we can ALL relate to.


The Door of Hope                                                            


I knocked on the Door of hope


while others slept


and I continued grieve to my


Lord (from) what I found…


And I said: “Oh my hope…


in every calamity


and The One I depend on…


to drive away my every distress.


I complain to You matters..


that You Already know


I have no strength


nor any patience to bear it


And I have extened my hands


in humiliation I stand!


Oh the best Oneto extend the hands to…


So do not return it (my hands) ..


oh Lord… fruitless (empty handed)


(Just) as the sea of Your generosity


can quench the thrist of anyone who desires.


Youtube Link

Artist: محمد المقيط (Muhammad al Muqit)
Nasheed: باب الرجاء (Bab al Raja)

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