Unpublished Poem………..

I love to read,

some funny things.

It creates a laugh,

and makes people think.

That the color black,

Is the opposite of pink.

Are you the one, I’m looking for?

The one I met, long time before?

The one who brought me, some smile,

and funny things that steal my sigh.

But busy years,comes our way,

forgot each other’s, special day.

Is it so late?, to say Hello!!

You’re still my friend, I really do.

If I could have just one wish,

I would wish to wake up everyday

to the sound of your breath on my neck,

the warmth of your lips on my cheek,

the touch of your fingers on my skin,

and the feel of your heart beating with mine…

Knowing that I could never find that feeling

with anyone other than you…

If questioning would make us wise

No eyes would ever gaze in eyes;

If all our tale were told in speech

No mouths would wander each to each.

Were spirits free from mortal mesh

And love not bound in hearts of flesh

No aching breasts would yearn to meet

And find their ecstasy complete.

For who is there that lives and knows

The secret powers by which he grows?

Were knowledge all, what were our need

To thrill and faint and sweetly bleed?

Then seek not, sweet, the "If" and "Why"

I love you now until I die.

For I must love because I live

And life in me is what you give.


—–[Please do not use this writing without my permission]——-

© All rights reserved by


Md. Adib Ibne Yousuf [adib10mist@gmail.com]



Creativity is a beauty which guides you to the shore of sensitivity
Creativity is a mastery which carries the class of imaginary
Creativity is an illusion which guides you to the destiny
Creativity is the process of making a possibility into reality
Recreation opens up the room for new creation
Revolutionary attempt to go for a new dimension
Reveal the concepts to breed better results
Rejoice the moment with all of the feathers
Every good idea shakes our present scenario
Effective implementation comparing the ratio
Energy to speed up quicker than the rest
Efficiency to hold the breath and deliver the best
Ability to make the possibility a reality
Agility of spirit and remaking the history
Anarchy behind and the power to cherish
Awaking the power within and flourish
Twinkling eyes with full of dream
The neuron is playing inside to beam
The master of all art lies under creativity
The power to know, ignite it and reach the destiny
Inside every one lies the power
It’s our wish which can bring out the better
Immense strength to know and explore
Ignite the power within and knock the door
Vacuum soul needs to capture the spirit
Variety of fragrances will fill up every bit
Vow to the positive attitude and inspire the rest
Very best wishes for all and thumbs up to the best
Every aspect to take under consideration
Energy to demonstrate and gear up owns motivation
Enigma to resolve with the intellectual power
Exploration of hidden talent is a must for the doer


দূর হতে চেয়ে রই তোর দিকে


প্রতীক্ষায় আমি, কখন তুই

এসে পাশে বসবি।

এত বলি তোর সাথে কথা

কেন বুঝিস না

কি বুঝাতে চাই তোকে

নির্বোধ আমি অকারণে।

তুই কি বুঝিস না এর মানে

আমি যা বুঝাতে চাই তোকে

বল তুই এমন কেন?

বলতে গিয়ে বাধা পড়ে

আমার মনের ভাষা

শুধুই তোর কারণে।

বন্ধু ভেবে বসে আছিস বলে

দুঃখে আমার মনটা পুড়ে,

আশাহত এই আমি

চেয়ে রই শুধুই তোর পানে

তোকে বলতে না পেরে

এই কথাটি- ভালোবাসি আমি তোকে।



——[Please do not use this writing without my permission]——-

© All rights reserved by


Md. Adib Ibne Yousuf [adib10mist@gmail.com]


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